Advanced Java

Week Topics
    Introduction Web Application and Servlet
  • Deployment Descriptor
  • Web Application Structure
  • Life Cycle of Servlet
  • Differnece Between CGI And Servlet
  • Servlet Interface,Generic Servlet,HTTP Servlet
  • Servlet Context And Config
  • Servlet Attributes And Listeners
  • Session Management
  • Request Dispatcher,Send Redirect
    Introduction to JSP
  • Lifecycle of JSP
  • Script,Declaration,Expression Tag
  • Implicit Objects
  • JSP Include Tag
  • Page Directory
  • JSP use Beans
  • Custom Tags
  • Standard Tag Library
    Hibernate Framework
  • Object Relational Mapping
  • Hibernate Architecture
  • Persistence Objects and class
  • Mapping Java Object to Database table
  • Hibernate Config,Session factory,Session/Transaction criteria/Query API
  • Hibernate Query Language(HQL)
  • Hibernate annotations

Trainer Information

Trainer Name Experience Working In
Vijay 10 years MNC

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