Week Topics
    Introduction & OOPS
  • Development Environment
  • Xcode -Usage
  • Creating sample application
  • Objective –c - Variables and constant
  • Loops & Control statements
  • Arrays and pointers
    Memory Management & Interface Builder
  • Auto release pool & Managing memory
  • Interface builder -Document window tool
  • Outlets and actions
  • Kinds of debugging
  • Managing and controlling program execution flow
  • Setting and viewing breakpoints and investigation
    Cocoa touch and MVC
  • Properties, Protocols and Categories in
  • Cocoa classes
  • Basic Interaction
  • Understanding MVC architecture
  • Delegation
    Controls, Gestures & Keyboard handling
  • Advance Controls in iphone
  • Segmented Controls
  • Views and view hierarchy
  • Working with Gesture and swipe - UITouch ,UI Responder
  • Customizing input types
  • Displaying, dismissing of keyboard
  • Orientations of screen
    File handling and basic data persistence
  • Property list types and objects
  • Property list serialization
  • Creating and modifying of data using pList
    Persistence & URL loading
  • File handling in iOS
  • Using SQLlite
  • Persistence using property list.
  • Understanding the use of Accelerometer
  • url loading system
  • Working on url loading system
    Core services
  • Using Address book, Maps
  • Safari, mail, and other standard applications

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Vijay 10 years MNC

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