HP LoadRunner


HP LoadRunner

Week Topics
    HP LoadRunner Introduction
  • What are the LoadRunner components?
  • Understanding the LoadRunner Terminology
  • What is the LoadRunner load testing process?
  • Starting HP Web Tours
  • Defining the Application PerformanceRequirements
    Building a Vuser Scrip
  • Introducing VuGen - the Virtual User Generator
  • Creating a Blank Vuser Script
  • Recording into a Vuser script
  • Viewing the Vuser script
    Replaying Your Script
  • How do I set the Vuser's run-time behavior?
  • How do I run my Vuser Script?
  • Where can I view information about thereplay?
  • How do I know if my script replayedsuccessfully?
  • How do I search or filter the replay results?
    Solving Common ReplayProblems
  • Preparing HP Web tours for replay errors
  • How do I work with unique server values?
    Preparing a Vuser Script for Load Testing
  • How do I measure the duration of a businessprocess?
  • How do I emulate multiple users?
  • How do I verify Web page content?
  • How can I produce debugging information?
  • Did the replay of my test succeed?
    Creating a Load Testing Scenario
  • Introducing the LoadRunner Controller
  • How do I start the Controller?
  • The Controller at a glance
  • How do I modify the script details?
  • How do I generate a load on the system
  • How do I emulate real load behavior?
  • How do I emulate different types of users?
  • How do I monitor the system under load?
    Running the Load Test
  • The Controller Run view at a glance
  • How do I run a load test scenario?
  • Monitor the application under load
  • Watch a Vuser running in real time
  • View a summary of Vuser actions
  • Increase the load during the test
  • Application performing under load
  • Application encounter errors
  • How do I know that the scenario has finishedrunning?
  • The system perform well under load
    Analyzing Your Scenario
  • Analysis session work
  • Start my analysis session
  • The Analysis window at a glance
  • Service LevelAgreement
  • Define an SLA
  • View a summary of performance
  • Graphically view performance
  • Did my server perform well?
  • Saving a template
  • Pinpoint the source of the problem
  • What other information can I gather about myscenario run?
  • Publish my findings

Trainer Information

Trainer Name Experience Working In
Ganapathi 12 years MNC

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