Tableau out of box topics

Week Topics
  • Module 1 Cleaning Data by Bulk Re-aliasing
  • Module 2 Using a Parameter to Change Fields
  • Module 3 Bollinger Bands
  • Module 5 Waterfall Charts
  • Module 6 Bump Charts
  • Module 7 Benford's Law
  • Module 8 Funnel Charts
  • Module 9 Box Plots
  • Module 10 Pareto Charts
  • Module 11 Control Charts
  • Module 12 Treemaps, Word Clouds and Bubble Charts
  • Module 13 Histograms
  • Module 14 Understanding Pill Types
  • Module 15 Aggregation, Granularity, and Ratio Calculations
  • Module 16 Fixing "Incorrect" Sorts with INDEX()

Trainer Information

Trainer Name Experience Working In
Ram 10 years MNC

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